Fillings (Restoration)

Tooth restoration or dental filling is used to restore the function, integrity and morphology of missing tooth structure. The structural loss typically results from cavities (resulting due to caries) or external trauma.


  •  Decay (dental cavities)

  •  Deterioration of the previously placed restorations

  •  Fracture of a tooth

  •  External trauma

Treatmment Options

  •  Filling - Filling are restorations that are done to repair damage caused by tooth decay. Tooth decay happen when micro-organism in the mouth convert sugar from food to acid. This acid can cause tooth cavities which starts in the hard outer surface of the tooth called enamel. If left unattended, this cavity may extend inwards to the pulp which contains tooth nerves and blood vessels leading to possible treatment option of root canal.
  •  Crown

  •  Bridge

  •  Implants

  •  Dentures